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When faced with the loss of a pet, we at Adoring Pet Funeral Home & Cremation Services are here to provide the same assistance you would expect when faced with the loss of any other loved one.  Pets are, after all, part of the family and for some, the only family members.

We strive to offer a selection of products, choices and advice to memorialize your pet in a dignified and safe manner in full compliance with local regulations.

Our services, all of which are optional, include the following:

  • Picking up your pet from your veterinarian's office or other location
  • Helping you select the means of disposition of the remains
  • Assisting you in selecting a tastefully appointed item to memorialize your pet
  • Assisting with internment, if required
  • Cremation, if desired
  • Online memorials
  • Interpreting any local regulations with respect to how and where you may lay your pet to rest


Our pet cremations are strictly private. There is no sectioning off, or group cremation offered. Each pet is cremated by himself/herself. This not only insures that you are receiving your baby back, but that you are receiving all of your baby!

Pricing varies by species, not by size.

We cremate:

·         Pocket Pets

·         Exotics

·         Cats

·         Dogs

You will receive:

·         Private cremation

·         Wooden teak carved urn (on urn page)

·         Clay paw print imprint

·         Ink paw prints

·         Your pet's cremated remains returned to you within 24-48 hours

Please contact us for updated pricing and for more information.


Our funeral home features a showroom allowing you to select from an array of caskets, vaults, urns, and memorial markers. A serene and quiet chapel is available for those pet parents who desire to spend a few last moments with their beloved pet. The privilege of choosing your pet’s burial site, making a choice from our quality line of caskets, and selecting your pet’s personalized headstone all offer comfort that only you can appreciate. We do not have a cemetery at our location for your burial needs, but we do have a few cemeteries nearby that we can recommend.

Services are priced depending on:

             ·         Type

             ·         Size

             ·         Accommodations needed

             ·         Casket pricing

             ·         Transportation


So whether you would like to choose the private cremation, or a private burial, we are here to help. Just contact our office at (586) 879-6469 and we can assist you with any questions that you may have regarding either service.



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