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Obituary for Nigel Morrish

We don't know where the time went, but somehow 14 years have passed since we picked you up as a tiny puppy! We experienced the joy of bringing you home in 2002 and the sadness of saying goodbye to you in 2016. As we saw you go through all of life's phases, we knew that some things about you would change--like your physical appearance and your personality--and we knew that other things would remain constant--like your love for us and your love for the many cats you have lived with or known over the years! We have shared so many experiences with you that our hearts are heavy as we go through our daily routines without you near. Posh is doing her best to assume her new role as primary greeter and comforter, but she is lost without you, too. We will eventually settle into this new life without you, but it is not easy. Until the day when we see you again, we will look back on our many memories of you and invite others to do the same through this memorial.

With our love,

Jeff & Lauren (a/k/a Daddy & Momma)